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Kamis, 29 Oktober 2015

Pidato Bahasa Inggris

By: Panglima Alfan Jundullah -@alfath2010-

The duty of a muslim before acting is having knowledge. In order to keep our faith (aqidah) on the track, the knowledge (‘ilm) is needed. The greatest crime in islamic point of view, is a crime in Aqidah al Islamiyah or a crime that changes foundation of Islam. Those crime and damage in basic knowledge of Islam have already spreaded in Islamic colleges or universities. There are scenario and grand design behind it.
The study of Islam is not a highly demanded subject by most students since it cannot guarantee their future. Those advanced students tend to be led by their parents to seek worldly knowledge, not about religion one. Someone who gets the religious title, no matter how their quality, it is used only to search a job. Some figures are respected not because of their knowledge and good deeds, but because of their ability in speaking and also their title of K.H. as a symbol of ulama or scholar.
Muslims in Indonesia do not care and do not see this serious problem deeply. Every year, thousands of religious scholars are sent to study about Islam in western, in Jews and Christian orientalists. Why do muslims not seriously prepare the advanced scholars which have the same quality with them?
            In rising up the pride of university, there are several efforts from islamic institutions to enhance themselves by developing them to become universities. General fields are opened. Evidently, those general faculties are more inundated by people than religious faculties. The education of Islam is more complicated since from its faculties, comes deconstructive thoughts towards Islamic science. Three biggest challenges given from the Western to Islam nowadays, those are christianity, orientalism and modern-imperialism.
Thirty years ago, a muslim scholar Prof. Dr. HM Rasjidi reminded us the danger of applying Orientalist method in Islamic study in IAIN, UIN and other Islamic universities. The advises and warnings from him were ignored, and now, it becomes true.
From Islamic-labeled universities, the ‘weird’ thoughts and movement come up.
1. from IAIN Bandung, there came a shocking-screaming, “Welcome to the Free God area.”
2. in 2004, IAIN Yogyakarta made a new history in Islamic scientific tradition by permitting a master thesis that attacked the purity and authenticity of AlQuran.
3. from Syariah faculty of IAIN Semarang, came a journal that attacked Al-Quran and fought for legalization of homosexual marriage.  Religion pluralism and relativism of truth -The modern concept of shirk that admits all religion are true- is spreaded and taught in Islamic universities.
4. from UIN Jakarta, several lecturers support the legalization of marriage across religion.
5. and the most shocking one is from UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, in OSCAAR 2014, the senate or SEMA Faculty of Ushuluddin and Philosophy rose the grand theme “God is rot”
Naudzubillahi min dzalik …
What is going on with condition and study path of Islam in Islamic universities in Indoneisa? Why the orientalist framework come easily in Islamic study? Hegemony of western orientalist in islamic study has proven bringing the serious impact in spiritual life in indonesia.
This is the time for IAIN/UIN/STAIN and other Islamic universities to contemplate deeply and seriously as well as having responsibility –in this world and hereafter- toward the content, methodology, quality and the Islamic educational path in every university. The main purpose of Islamic science of high level is to bear the muslim scholars who have advanced qualification in Islamic science, to be role models in acting and are able to be the center of Islamic study as the road to rebuild the great Islamic civilization. Through this all, hoping the IAIN/UIN/STAIN/PTIS will not be the agent of neo-liberalism development in religion field that is recently given to the Islamic educational institutions with worldly offers.

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